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Fieldtesting with friends - Reasons to fish the Snag Clip ...

Fishing in a very weedy gravel pit, with lots of trees and brunches under the surface, is one of the biggest challenges for a carp angler. It’s not always easy to land a carp under such conditions.

We are fishing at such a lake the whole year. And with every fish we catch, we get more experience.

In Spring the fish gather in the shallow water and we tried to fish at this spots. We exclusively use the Carp’R’Us Snag Clip, because it’s the only thing, which works and is reliable under these conditions.

The Snag Clip releases the lead immediately, after the carp got hooked because of the shaking movement. Therefore, the chance that the fish swims into obstacles is really reduced. Normal Snag Clips release the lead only after some meters. The problem is, that if the fish feels the pressure of the lead, he tries to flee back in the direction it came from. This is mostly directly into threes or branches under the surface.

Unfortunately this a underestimated risk on the bank, which not only means the loss of the carp, but also that the fish has to swim with a broken rig and lots of line in it’s mouth. Maybe it could get caught in an obstacle.

The Snag Clip has also a solution for this problem! There is used a Snag Clip Ring. The special of this ring is, that if the line breaks, only the rig stays in the fish mouth. The requirement for this is, that you only knot the Snag Clip System to the leader and do not use a swivel!

I fished a four night session with my good friend and teammate Daniel, at our gravel pit. It was very windy and it rained a lot. The weather was no problem for us, it was the reason, why we drove to the lake either. Fish get very active because of this weather, they head out to eat.

This got us some very good carps, you will also see in our video. Altogether, we caught 8 carps. Five had a weight of over 45 lbs and I also caught my target, a two tone.

That was the teamwork of the perfect spot, bait, rig, weather and a lot of luck.

At the end, I would like to say, that it’s not good, to risk a lot with very obstacle-rich spots, to land a fish. It’s not worth to have 5 runs a night and catch only one... The others should not swim with four rigs in their mouth and get cought anywhere at the obstacles.

Tight Lines!

Alpha Carpers Team & Grazy Carpers

Carp'R'US Team Austria
Stefan & Daniel

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